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All pole dance, fitness, and heels classes at Fly Fitness are drop ins. Pick and choose which classes best fit your schedule.

Please email us at if you have questions about any of the classes. We would love to have you come train with us! 

Intro to Pole

Our intro class is only $19.99! If you have never taken a pole class before then this is the class for you. In this class you will start from the ground up and learn how to move with the pole. You will learn basic pole dance techniques, including hand and feet placement, walking around the pole, transitions from dance moves, spins, and floor-work. Please wear pants that cover the back of the knee. 

Everything Inverts

This class is the class that transitions you from a Beginner to an Intermediate pole student! Everything Inverts will teach you all different levels of inverting, from your first invert ever to aerial inverting on spin pole. Discover how much fun the upside-down world is on a pole! The moves taught in Everything Inverts are crucifix, outside leg hang, and chopper.

Flexibility + Yoga

We offer Flexibility and Yoga classes at Fly Fitness for $10 drop in. Bring your yoga mat and cross train your way to your pole goals with our pole-focused flexibility classes!


Our fundamental classes focus on the basic pole dance moves and transitions. Choose between Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Fundamentals to help strengthen your essential pole skills. Beginners will focus on upright techniques while our Intermediate and Advanced classes will learn fundamental inverted poses.

Open Studio

These sessions are perfect for practicing what you have learned in class! Open studio is supervised, however there will be no formal instruction, so please practice good judgment. Group lessons are not permitted during Open Studio. Monthly memberships include unlimited Open Studio sessions.

Pole Lab

Pole Lab classes are a great way to learn moves that fall outside of the Fundamentals curriculum. Confident climbing and inverts are required for Intermediate Labs. Combos and spin pole can be incorporated into the Pole Lab classes. Have fun and learn different tricks and transitions!


This is our most sensual class at Fly Fitness. Each class you will learn a different piece of choreography to practice heel technique and dance movements. This class may also focus on more sensual body movements and floor work. We recommend that you have some beginner pole experience prior to booking your first Exotic class. Heels (pole pleasers) encouraged but not required. Socks are required if you are not wearing heels. Kneepads recommended.


Private classes are 1-on-1 sessions to focus on your individual pole goals. Semi-private classes are available for 2 participants if you want to train with a friend.

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